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Turning A Famous Painting Into A Watercolor Study

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Step 4: Layering Without Muddying Colors


Mix Cobalt Blue Hue with a touch of Permanent Mauve and Mineral Violet, then paint the skyline along the horizon. You’ll notice both soft and hard edges forming depending on whether the paper is wet or dry, which is fine. It’s easier to work while the paint is still wet though.

Use more Cobalt Violet Light for the right side of the sky, and try to plan ahead while copying this famous painting. With more practice, you’ll get a better idea of what the painting will look like with different layers, and what it will look like when dry. This means that even if your initial layer looks too light, you can always add more layers on top to saturate your colors more. Also, continuously test your color mixtures on the extra strip of paper to the side so you get a better idea of what they will look like.

Use pure Cerulean Blue for the top right corner of the sky and the area around the sun. Take care not to mix the colors on paper too much as it may muddy your colors. In addition, soften any glaring white spots with diluted Cobalt Violet Light to keep the focus on the sun.