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Turning A Famous Painting Into A Watercolor Study

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Step 14: Final Analysis And White Touches In A Famous Painting


A key indication that you may be finished is when you can’t think of what else to add or improve. So perform a final analysis of the painting, looking over the color balance, the values, and the overall feel of your painting. Bill sees that Monet used some white in the right side of the water in his famous painting, so he mimics this by using Chinese White watercolor paint and a tiny lettering/rigger brush. He opts for a transparent white paint here, as gouache paint will be too strong. But again, this will add to the watery illusion, and don’t overdo this for a good impressionistic piece.

Finally, you can sign your painting if you want. Just make sure to credit the original artist too! Make sure to sign in one go as well, and use the dark blue mix so the signature stands out without stealing the show. And when you’re done, gently peel off the tape to reveal a crisp white border that frames your famous painting study in style.