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Turning A Famous Painting Into A Watercolor Study

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Step 13: Painting Waves Without Overdoing It


You’re now entering the final stages of this famous painting study! So with your dark blue mix (that has Neutral Tint in it), add Permanent Mauve, Indigo, and Cobalt Blue Hue. The resulting mixture shouldn’t be too purple or dark, so make sure to test your color on the extra strip of paper to the side of your painting. If it’s too dark, you can dilute the color with a little water.

Dash in some small waves using this color via the wet-on-dry technique, being careful as you only get one shot at this. Focus mainly on the foreground of the water, i.e. the bottom third of your painting, for more depth. Avoid overdoing this or adding too many waves though, as it could hinder the overall effect. Lastly, use the same color to add some shadows and reflections under the boats and people.