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Turning A Famous Painting Into A Watercolor Study

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Step 10: Painting Silhouettes And Adding More Depth


Ultimately, the sun should still be the focal point, like it is in Monet’s famous painting. To help facilitate this, add more Cobalt Violet Light to the right side of the sky and around the sun. It’s also fine to have a mix of soft and hard edges in the sky, but try not to oversaturate the paper while doing so.

Next, switch to the round sable brush (no. 4) and pure Neutral Tint to paint the boats and people. Be careful here, as they make up your foreground and your flourishes, a.k.a. “calligraphy touches”! You can mix in some Payne’s Gray and Ivory Black for an even darker silhouette to make them stand out more. Keep the figures small but detailed, and try to tell a story with your paint.