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Painting The Fancy Fairmont Hotel: A Watercolor Building Tutorial

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Step 2: Planning And Painting With The “Wet-In-Wet” Technique


Before painting, you can plan out some of your colors, and tweak the composition until it’s to your liking. Remember that as with any painting, you’re trying to tell a story using line and color! This will help with deciding the parts you’d like to emphasize, and how to emphasize them.

As the “story” here is about the bright flags, Bill decides to reserve the brightest colors for them, while the rest of the painting will mostly be in gray. Starting with the lightest values (i.e. light vs dark tones), use the no. 20 round brush to wet the building areas. Allow the water to soak in a bit before dropping in a diluted mixture of Neutral Tint and a touch of Cobalt Blue Hue. This is the “wet-in-wet” technique, which will help create soft blends. Avoid the flags for now, and focus on building up the values needed in the hotel area.

Add some Yellow Ochre and more Neutral Tint to your gray mix, then paint the building to the right with this warm gray. You can drop Yellow Ochre directly onto the paper for a stronger color. Next, drop Chromium Green Oxide for the lawn in the bottom left corner and in the ground under the limousine.