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Painting The Fancy Fairmont Hotel: A Watercolor Building Tutorial

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Step 15: Tying Up Loose Ends And Finalizing Details


To help you tie up any loose ends, step back to see your overall painting. If there’s anything that needs adding or fixing, go ahead and do so, using your artistic instincts and creativity to help. Like Bill, you can use more Ivory Black to add more details, or even paint the small patch of sky via the wet-in-wet technique. Don’t make it too colorful though, and leave some white spaces for clouds.

After the last flag you painted is dry, you can switch to a no. 8 round brush, then add a design on it in Ivory Black. For the yellow flag, use the purple mixture for a better contrast. In this way, make all the flags as interesting as possible without overdoing them.

When you’re done, sign your painting with a no. 1 rigger brush and saturated Pyrrole Red paint before leaving the whole painting to dry. You can then carefully take off the tape on the edges to reveal a clean white border, framing your watercolor building in a professional manner. That’s it for this tutorial! We’ll see you again in the next one soon.