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Easy Watercolor Horse: Painting The Secretariat

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Step 8: Easy Watercolor Background Wash


Switch back to the no. 12 round brush, then mix Oxide of Chromium with Viridian for a background foliage color. With it, use the wet-on-dry technique to paint the grass behind the watercolor horse and track. Remember to leave the white railings white! Even so, there’s no need to be overly careful, and you can pull this color into the watercolor horse a little so it doesn’t look pasted on. The ground should be a little uneven as well to make it look more natural.

Next, drop in Cobalt Violet Light into the still-wet greens, which will add color variety to the background. You can touch in Peacock Blue as well to prevent the color from becoming too gray.

Going back to the Yellow Ochre, add in more blues/greens for a “green ochre”, and paint the dirt racetrack. Like you did for the green background, scrub in the paint so it’s a little uneven and more natural-looking. While you’re painting, remember that you’re telling a story with your paints, which will help capture the right atmosphere and impression you want your audience to receive.