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Easy Watercolor Horse: Painting The Secretariat

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Step 6: Painting Skin Tones And Clothing


For the jockey’s skin, mix a Caucasian skin tone, which is a diluted Yellow Ochre with a touch of Cadmium Red Purple. Apply carefully to the man’s face and hand, avoiding any wet paint as much as possible.

Next are the boots. Use Yellow Ochre for the top half, then add Burnt Umber for the bottom half. The saddle strap is white in the reference photo, but since it needs a shadow, dilute the blues and Yellow Ochre mix on your palette, and add a gradated shadow. To do this, start from the bottom and brush upwards, then softening the edge of the paint where it fades to white.

For the white pants, use diluted Neutral Tint to paint the shadows and folds. You can also add this gray tone for the wrinkles in the shirt too, going over both purple and white squares for consistency. To separate the different clothing, pick up more Neutral Tint and paint the line where the shirt overlaps the paints.

The last part to add to the horse and jockey duo is applying a layer of Cobalt Violet Light on the number cloth under the saddle. Like you did for the armband, paint around the “3” to help it stand out.