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Easy Watercolor Horse: Painting The Secretariat

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Step 5: Patterns And Designs On A Jockey’s Uniform


With Secretariat now painted, it’s time to shift your focus towards the jockey. You’ll be using the wet-on-dry technique here (i.e. wet paint on a dry surface) for the extra control needed to paint the various patterns. For his clothes, it’s fine to change some colors to make it stand out more than the blue in the picture. Don’t forget to sketch in his armband with the number “3” on it if you haven’t already done so in step 1.

Switch to the no. 8 round brush, and prep a saturated Cobalt Violet Light on your palette. Use this color to paint the hat, shirt, and armband, painting around the whites to get the 3 different designs. While doing this, be careful not to touch the wet paint on the horse, as this will smudge the paint.

Use the same color for the horse’s mask, but be more careful as the horse’s head and eye may still be wet. Don’t forget the reins and the striped pattern on the jockey’s sleeves, and make sure these patterns aren’t too straight as clothing needs to look flexible.