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Easy Watercolor Horse: Painting The Secretariat

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Step 4: White Shadows And Minding The Lighting


Switching to the Neef rigger brush (no. 6), prepare a mix of Burnt Sienna and Yellow Ochre with a hint of Neutral Tint for a grayer tone. Dilute it so it’s not too dark, then apply over the watercolor horse’s white socks for shadows. You can add more Neutral Tint to certain edges to establish the position of the legs and to create more impact.

Use the lighter gray to darken other areas throughout the horse, and the darker gray for areas that need more contrast. Be selective with these extremes though, as these darker details will pack more punch by adding extra value and power in their visual presentation. Too much will overwhelm the watercolor horse and make it look too dark!

Continue painting the undersides, such as under the body, joints, eye, head, and so on. You can even fake in some shadows if it helps your overall painting. Keep in mind where the light source is coming from though, as you don’t want too many shadows.