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Easy Watercolor Horse: Painting The Secretariat

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Step 3: Defining Musculature And Details Of A Watercolor Horse


Next, add a touch of French Ultramarine to your Burnt Sienna to get a dark brown color that’s suitable for shadows and details. If you find the mixture is too green, make sure you wash off the Yellow Ochre on your brush before adding the Ultramarine.

Start at the mane, then near the horse’s mouth. Continue applying this shadow layer on the underside of the horse’s neck, body, and legs. You can also add it to some of the muscles for more contrast and definition. Mix in a touch of Cobalt Blue Hue for more interest, and don’t dilute the paint too much for more impact.

Work your way towards the backside, adding this shadow layer in the appropriate areas. Keep defining the muscles, tendons, and the tail’s hairs. Add details around the eye and hooves as well, and darken the bottom of the hooves for horseshoes. You can also add more of the blues into your mixture for the darkest tail hairs and shadows. Most importantly, stay aware of how wet or dry each area is, as this will help you determine how and where to paint.