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Easy Watercolor Horse: Painting The Secretariat

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Step 11: Finishing Touches And Signing Off


The final step is to add any necessary finishing touches that will help bring the whole painting together. For example, you can use a saturated Neutral Tint to paint the jockey’s goggles, and Secretariat’s ear, eye, nose, and mouth. You can even use the Zinc White gouache paint to paint in white number 3’s along the same horizontal axis. This will help make the number look like it’s moving through space, especially if you make each “3” lighter and further apart as you move away from the actual number.

Lastly, use a saturated Burnt Sienna to paint the watercolor horse’s cast shadow on the dirt racetrack to make it look like it’s flying along. And once you’re done, feel free to sign your painting in Indigo with a no. 3 rigger brush!