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Famous Painting Study #3: Diebenkorn’s Abstract Cityscape

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Step 6: Mixing Colors On Paper


Mix Phthalo Blue and Lemon Yellow for a viridian, and darken some of the green areas, especially the road on the left. Add diluted Carbazole Violet in the top area of the small blue field, and allow gravity to help you mix colors on paper.

Drop a hint of Brilliant Pink in the right side of the sky, and blend it back with Cobalt Blue. Keep going with the blue to paint hills in the distance, and build up your colors as needed. Use Indigo for the darkest areas, and switch to your viridian mix for the darkest fields. Feel free to let some of the underlying colors show through, especially in the yellow-green fields. Lastly, add some Quinacridone Gold to the bottom section.