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Famous Painting Study #3: Diebenkorn’s Abstract Cityscape

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Step 3: Layering A Variety Of Greens


Mix Phthalo Blue and the yellow mixture to create a turquoise, then layer this on top of the darker green shapes. Next, dot in some Chromium Green Oxide, lifting out puddles with a “thirsty brush” to prevent the paper from getting too wet.

Add diluted Brilliant Pink to some of the left side buildings, then mix Naples Yellow and Raw Sienna for the yellow field on the right. Touch in Brilliant Orange here as well, then mix Buff Titanium and Naples for a very pale hue in the field above.

Keep jumping to paint in dry areas, working your way around the abstract cityscape. You’ll notice that the painting is mostly made up of yellows, greens, and blues, so mix your colors accordingly. You can even mix colors on paper, such as dropping in Yellow Ochre while the paint is still wet, or streaking in some Greenish Yellow for some of the fields.