Multiple Ways To Paint Great-Looking Leaves

In this tutorial, Diane Bradley demonstrates how to paint great looking leaves. Diane explains how to create highlights and shadows on a leaf, and how to layer different colors to create depth and dimension. She starts with explaining the negative painting technique in watercolor. She explains that much of watercolor painting involves creating the background and painting around shapes to create the foreground. She then goes on to show how to create a leaf by painting the background first and then filling in the shape with different colors. She also discusses the importance of timing and how waiting for the paint to dry or working with wet paint as needed for the ideal blending of colors for whatever type of leaf you're working on. She shows how to mix different greens to achieve unique shades and how to create depth by layering different leaves in the background. This tutorial provides valuable beginner insights and techniques that will help you with your nature and still-life paintings.
Watercolor Class Preview: How to paint leaves with veins using the negative or positive painting technique How to prevent colors from blending together How to have complete control of your brush stroke How to mix natural leaf colors How to paint shadows How to paint highlights Why using frisket or a razor blade may not be the best technique for painting veins Examples of leaves in various finished paintings to observe the effects you can achieve Paints On The Palette: Cadmium Red Alizarin Crimson New Gamboge Aureolin Cobalt Yellow Hooker’s Green Manganese Blue Ultramarine Blue Yellow Oxide Burnt Sienna    

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Diane Bradley
Diane Bradley


5.00 Instructor rating