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Pro Tips On How To Paint A Colorful Theme Park By The Beach

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Step 8: More Booths And Shadow Details


With Permanent Mauve, fill in more booth shapes, then use diluted Neutral Tint for some of the roofs in this colorful theme park. Most of the paint in this area should be relatively dry, which means you can use the wet-on-dry technique to get darker details without colors accidentally bleeding into one another. Try to capture the crowded feeling this way, and remember that there’s no need to be too careful.

Add the diluted Neutral Tint to create a gradated shadow for the carousel’s roof, and touch in Olive Green for a tiny bit of color in the shadow. Also, fill in any jarring white holes left, such as the background foliage below the railway.

With more saturated Neutral Tint, paint the areas behind the roller coaster’s structure, making small spots. Be confident and instinctual here to bring out the full feeling of the roller coaster! Paint the rails’ shadow, the spaces between the support beams, and the shadowed edge of the support beams as well.