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Pro Tips On How To Paint A Colorful Theme Park By The Beach

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Step 4: Rolling Along With The Wet-On-Dry Technique


Leave the sky, mountains, and trees to dry, and move to painting the roller coaster area. For this, dilute Neutral Tint and add a hint of Peacock Blue, then paint the gaps between the roller coaster’s support beams. You don’t have to be too tidy or even; remember you’re only trying to get the impression of the wooden structure. You’re also using the “wet-on-dry” technique here, as you need the extra control for painting the details for the roller coaster.

Switch to the no. 6 rigger brush for the horizontal beams, using the tip of the brush for the thinnest lines. Next, move to the extended area to the right, and paint around the outside of the angled support beams. The main structure should resemble a grid, while the extended area should include the angled beams without being too jarring.

Mix turquoise using Viridian and Cobalt Green, then paint in one smooth stroke for the elevated train rails. Avoid painting over the carousel’s roof, but make sure to add a hint of the turquoise railway track going behind the roller coaster. Add vertical pillars under this railway line too, extending them to areas they’d be seen in the background.

Switch to a no. 8 rigger brush, then prep Cadmium Red Purple on the palette before painting the roller coaster’s rails in one smooth stroke. Repeat the process to get two curvy lines to represent the coaster’s twisting path. Next, mix Burnt Sienna and Umber to paint the tracks between the railings, adding more color to this colorful theme park.