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Pro Tips On How To Paint A Colorful Theme Park By The Beach

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Step 3: Strengthening And Diversifying The Colors


Pick up Cobalt Violet Light and darken shadowed areas within the mountain range so it doesn’t dry too light. You should still get soft blends due to the wet-in-wet technique. If the paint starts puddling, use a dry, “thirsty brush” to lift out the excess paint by using your paintbrush as a mop.

For the area below the mountains, add more Olive Green to your green mixture, then paint the shape of the background forest. Layer Mineral Violet and Viridian on top to darken, making sure the base color is still green. Dab in small bumps around the edges of the treetops, and try not to overdo the mixing of purples and greens, as they will muddy your colors if you blend too much together.

Break up any patterns by using a variety of brushstrokes, and stay aware of what’s dry and wet within your painted area. Add Permanent Mauve for the darkest areas, and get a good contrast by laying Mineral Violet next to the white roller coaster. Soften hard edges with a damp brush, and smooth out any bumpy edges around the roller coaster.