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Pro Tips On How To Paint A Colorful Theme Park By The Beach

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Step 2: A Blended Background With The Wet-On-Wet Technique


Spray your paints with water to soften them up before you begin painting this colorful theme park. It will help you pick up paints faster, and getting the right consistency of paint will be easier as well.

Starting with the no. 12 rigger brush, wet the sky, mountains, and tree area. As you do this, you can plan ahead for the colors you want to use in your composition. Bill decides to change his to a daytime scene, so he uses Peacock Blue for the first layer of the sky. To do this, prep the blue on your palette before dropping it onto the wet surface via the “wet-in-wet” technique. Scrub around the sky area, leaving some parts white for clouds. Add a little French Ultramarine for variety, and work quickly to finish before the paint dries and you lose the soft, blended look.

Mix Oxide of Chromium with the blues for a teal color, and apply this to the mountains. Add in Olive Green for a different tone, and pull this color into the tree area to make the color look less “pasted on”. In addition, keep the focus on painting an impression of this colorful theme park. The human eye has the tendency to fill in the gaps, plus value (i.e. light vs dark) is always more important than color, as this will give your subject matter the form it needs.