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Pro Tips On How To Paint A Colorful Theme Park By The Beach

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Step 13: Bringing A Beach To Life


Now it’s time for the extra details that will add depth and character to your painting. You’ll use the tiny Winsor & Newton brush for this part, and paint the impression of people and objects on the beach with the wet-on-dry technique.

Prepare Permanent Carmine, then start painting the crescent shape of an umbrella’s top. Remember to make it small; in proportion to the rest of the painting. Then, change up the colors by mixing French Ultramarine with Viridian, and paint another umbrella in another random place on the beach. Switch to different bright colors on your palette and keep repeating the same process, remembering to vary the shape, size, spacing, and angle of the umbrellas.

Use a more saturated Yellow Ochre to add people to the beach, placing them under umbrellas, in the water, and so on. Drop in other colors around their torso and/or pelvic area for the impression of swimsuits. TIP: Keep testing your mixed colors, and start small! You can always make a person bigger by painting on top, but it’s hard to make them smaller again. Also, tell the stories of different people when painting them, and make their pose match what people usually do on the beach.

You can mix Burnt Sienna with red and orange for a more sunburnt skin tone, or dilute it for a lighter tone. Try to place the figures randomly without spacing them out evenly, and remember that capturing the gestures of these people is enough. Give yourself some room to experiment with different poses, and add spots of color around the people for beach towels and toys. Lastly, don’t forget to put in umbrella poles with people sitting underneath!