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Pro Tips On How To Paint A Colorful Theme Park By The Beach

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Step 10: A Layer Of Palm And Eucalyptus Trees


Switch to the no. 6 rigger brush and Cobalt Green paint, then use the wet-on-dry method to paint some palm trees to the left of the roller coaster. While they’re wet, you can drop in Olive Green to darken the center. Then, add Burnt Umber for a hint of coconuts underneath the trees. The trunks can be painted with a Burnt Sienna and Umber mix, and keep them thin with varied angles and spacing for a more natural look in this colorful theme park.

Go back to the no. 8 round brush, then mix Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Neutral Tint, and Olive Green for some taller eucalyptus trees. Move to the right side and add Viridian to the previous mixture, getting a different shade of dark green for more trees. Pull this color into the space behind the roller coaster as well for continuity. Apply lighter brushstrokes for trees further away, and add Permanent Mauve for the darkest trees in the front.

While the trees’ first layer will be done wet-on-dry, adding colors on top will be done with the wet-in-wet process. Keep going with Leaf Green and Viridian for additional trees on the far right, and work fast so you’re relying more on your instincts. Lastly, finish off the background by adding a mixture of Neutral Tint and some greens for a layer of cast shadows in front of the trees on the far left.