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All Watercolor Techniques For Painting A Classic Portrait

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Step 3: Color Mixing Techniques


As you get to the darker parts on the face, pick up some of the cooler reds, such as Permanent Alizarin Crimson or adding a touch of Ultramarine Blue to your skin color mixture. Paint the inside of the nose where shadows collect, inside the glasses, and where the values change from warm to cool. As a general rule of thumb, values are warmer where there is more light, and cooler where there isn’t. Pick up more Ultramarine Blue or Cobalt Blue to darken the eye area around and inside the glasses, then add more Alizarin for the jaw area to the chin, and the area above the ears. Remember to soften the shadows’ edges with a clean brush and water to create a rounded look. You can also lift out paint with the same brush if you make a mistake, or to add reflected light, such as a small area under the chin. Refill the spot with a lighter mix of Cadmium Red and Yellow Deep, as this should reflect the color of Roosevelt’s uniform.