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City Painting Ideas: How To Paint A Busy City Landscape

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Step 3: Upper Right Base Layer Of Buildings

Painting the city landscape base layer

Staying on the right side, move upwards towards the taller buildings. Mix in Prussian Blue to your brown-gray mix and paint the buildings on top. Don’t be afraid to leave white lines in between paint strokes for highlights, or to paint outside the lines! This helps brighten the overall look and atmosphere of your painting while adding your personal artistic flair. Continue applying the dark gray mix to the top of the buildings, adding Sap Green for a new shade. You can drop in wet paint in wet paint, which will create a variegated wash (a type of wet-in-wet technique) and bring an extra dimension to your city landscape painting.

Next, mix Yellow Ochre and Cobalt Violet Light (i.e. Lavender) for a warmer gray tone, and use it for the buildings in the distance. Again, don’t worry about trying to fill in all the white spaces or fixing the wash when they bleed into one another, as trying to correct it can make it look worse. Use more Cobalt Violet Light and paint wet-in-wet on the warm gray, letting gravity pull down and mix the paint in unexpected ways. Lastly, mix Neutral Tint, Burnt Sienna, and Prussian Blue, and apply this mixture to the building furthest away on the right-side of the street. And if you ever mix the wrong color on your palette, simply take your rag or a paper towel and wipe the paint off.