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City Painting Ideas: How To Paint A Busy City Landscape

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Step 2: Adding The “Building Blocks” Using Shades Of Gray

Painting city landscape building blocks

With a good clean sketch, it’s time to start painting. Spray the paints on your palette with some clean water to pre-soften the paints, then with the Neef rigger brush (no. 12), dilute some Yellow Ochre paint on your palette before applying a light wash on the building on the rightmost side. Leave thin unpainted edges for highlights on the buildings, and unpainted rectangles for signs to add in later. Mix Burnt Umber to the Yellow Ochre for a darker layer to the left of the rightmost building, allowing the colors to bleed together to create more interest in your painting. While this first layer is still wet, work your way towards the vanishing point, darkening your brown mix with Neutral Tint and painting the next building over. Next, add Burnt Sienna to the mix, and paint the building on the right side of the vanishing point to establish a sense of perspective. If the paint begins to puddle on the paper, you can lift out the excess with a dry, clean brush. Remember that you’re capturing the feeling; the impression of these buildings rather than getting a photorealistic city landscape!