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City Painting Ideas: How To Paint A Busy City Landscape

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Step 13: Touching Up The City Landscape And Adding Tiny Details

Finer details of a city landscape

With most of the details in place, it is time to touch up the overall look of the painting. Use Neutral Tint to paint any extra marks to bring out shadows or add structural detail, and when you’re done use the no. 12 rigger brush and mix the Neutral Tint with Burnt Sienna to paint a car in the middle of the intersection. This helps to focus the painting towards the center while adding to the “busy” atmosphere. You can lift out excess paint with a rag and/or a dry brush, which actually adds some shine to the surface of the car.

Heavily dilute the blue-gray mix, then paint the pavement on the lower right-hand corner. You can also add a sign to the back of the truck using the no. 6 rigger brush and a dark brown-gray mix for extra detail. For even tinier details, go back to the Winsor & Newton round brush (size 1) and use Cadmium Red Purple to paint the flags handing off the flagpoles.

Use the no. 8 rigger brush and the blue-gray mix to paint the rear-view mirrors in the cars, and for the finishing touches, add road lines and other marks you may have missed. For some trees along the sidewalks, mix Viridian and Olive Green and dab them in between all your architectural marks.