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City Painting Ideas: How To Paint A Busy City Landscape

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Step 11: Brightening And Livening A City Landscape

Using color to liven up a city landscape

With the no. 6 rigger brush and dark blue-gray mix, add darker strokes to the sidewalks and paint more architectural elements like vertical stripes to the left-side buildings. Brighter colors like Viridian or Cobalt Green can also be used for extra variety, while Permanent Yellow Lemon or Peacock Blue can be used for signs and little touches near the sidewalk areas (although try painting in lighter areas as the color may be too light to cover the layers underneath). Paint in the back of the truck using the same light gray as the car windows.

Switch to the Princeton flat brush (¼”), and prepare pure Permanent Yellow Lemon for the crosswalks in the intersection. Keep the paint quite thick so it can be seen on top of the gray roads, and remember to apply the rules of a single-point perspective, which means the lines should be narrower towards the vanishing point. You can add a second layer of yellow to strengthen the color, and for painting other small signs and lights throughout the rest of the painting. You can also change to the Cadmium Red Purple for smaller signs, lights, and banners scattered among the buildings. Remember to leave some white dots and lines to give an extra “sparkle” to the city landscape!