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City Painting Ideas: How To Paint A Busy City Landscape

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Step 9: Painting The Perspective And Creating Contrast

Painting perspective in a city landscape

Dilute Neutral Tint and Payne’s Gray for a light blue-gray, and paint the very distant mountains that encompass the vanishing point. This adds a greater sense of depth, establishing the perspective of the entire city landscape.

Going back to the roads, mix a stronger version of Neutral Tint and Payne’s Gray to darken the road underneath the vanishing point, making sure to leave some lighter areas for the side streets. Switch back to the no. 6 rigger brush and mix Burnt Umber and Neutral Tint for the sidewalks and details, while Cobalt Green can be used for more shop awnings and other small details. Brilliant Orange, Cadmium Red Purple, or Cobalt Green and Permanent Green #1 can be used for the signs, lights, and rooftops on the buildings and streets, alternating between the colors for a striking combination. Chinese lettering can be done in red as well, but be selective on where to add these vibrant colors.

Changing back to the Neutral Tint and Payne’s Gray mix, add bold lines along the sidewalk for cast shadows, doorways, and silhouettes of people on the streets. These dark parts go a long way in adding contrast and bringing out the busy atmosphere.