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Easy Watercolor Calligraphy Technique

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Embellish your written words through the clever use of watercolor and calligraphy. We found this watercolor technique shared by Lindsey Bugbee to be a step-by-step crash course on watercolor calligraphy for beginners. Thanks Lindsey for sharing this technique with the Internet! Here’s our review of the technique so you can get started, quickly.

Materials used:

  • The Straight and Narrow straight calligraphy pen holder, or Rodger’s Pen Box oblique calligraphy pen holder
  • Nikko G pointed nib, or Brause 66 extra fine nib
  • Small round paintbrush (size 0)
  • Syringe fitted with a long needle, or an eyedropper with a fine gauge
  • Container of water
  • Tissue
  • Strathmore cold press watercolor paper (11″ x 15″ size, 140lb)


  • Greenleaf & Blueberry watercolor paint: Mayan Green
  • Mayan Red
  • Yellow Ochre (or orange)
  • Mayan Yellow