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Easy Watercolor Calligraphy Technique

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Step One

Step 1

According to Lindsey, when applying this watercolor technique on single-colored text, first fill the syringe or eyedropper with some water from the container, and drop 2-3 drops of water into the Mayan Green (or turquoise) watercolor paint (note that you don’t have to use professional grade watercolor paints; student grade paints are fine as well). Push out the excess water in the syringe back into the container, then wait for a few seconds for the water to soak into the paint. Use the small paintbrush to stir the water with the paint to get an inky consistency. Our tip? Don’t do this over your working canvas (unlike the photo). Spills may mess up your blank paper. Instead, do this over a towel or separate surface far away from your canvas.