Raise some colorful flags in this watercolor building tutorial of the Fairmont Hotel! Artist William “Bill” Dunn shows how to use color to direct a person’s focus, and how to simplify a building in a way that still makes it look complex.

In this tutorial, you’ll be studying Wayne Thiebaud’s mouth-watering “Meringues” oil painting in watercolor. William “Bill” Dunn shows how to layer colors and create good value contrasts for these colorful pies.

Learn how to paint a bald eagle portrait in this feathery watercolor tutorial! Award-winning watercolorist William “Bill” Dunn shows a quick and easy way to paint this majestic bird (and any bird-like portraits).

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Capture Tokyo’s vibrant night-time cityscape in this watercolor scene, and learn how to utilize watercolor’s unique transparency to make your painting glow through the darkness.

This second painting study is of Winslow Homer’s “The Sponge Diver”. Award-winning artist William “Bill” Dunn traces the steps of this master watercolorist to better understand human anatomy and watercolor layering.

Capture the likeness of the human face in this beginner’s guide to a watercolor portrait! William “Bill” Dunn breaks this popular topic down to the basics through painting a picture of his son.

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Learn how to paint your way through a colorful theme park, adding rides, booths, and everything that captures that exciting buzz. Our award-winning instructor and artist, William “Bill” Dunn, gives several tips to help you along the way.

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Equip yourself with these 13 easy watercolor tips and tricks, and master the basics along with artist Isabella Kung! Alcohol and salt textures included inside.

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