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Advanced Techniques

Everything you need to know to paint a successful color portrait from a black-and-white photo.

Learn ways to control your splatter-painting technique to paint beautiful cherry blossom sakura trees.

How to use a knife as a watercolor technique for scratching woodgrain textures onto wet paint for realistic trees.

Did you know monoprinting can be a watercolor technique? Here’s how to use it to produce one-of-a-kind watercolor prints.
End result, plastic wrap watercolor effect

Using everyday plastic saran wrap can be a nifty watercolor technique for producing unique textures and backgrounds.
4 Watercolor Resist Techniques Made Easy

It’s a nifty (and remarkably useful) watercolor technique dubbed “watercolor resist.” Here are 4 ways to pull it off.

These watercolor techniques put the word “color” in “watercolor.” Includes an example landscape painting for you to follow along and try these techniques.

Learn how to apply variegated washes, a specific wet-on-wet watercolor technique.

How to use wax crayons and wax candles as a watercolor technique to resist paint and produce special effects.
Abstract watercolor technique with tissue paper

How to use tissue paper as a watercolor technique for painting abstract textures.
Finished painting using masking fluid or liquid frisket

Some call it masking fluid. Some call it liquid frisket. Here are the techniques for applying it to your next painting.
Before introducing the changes

Want to test an idea on a painting without painting anything? Try this watercolor technique for sketching ideas on tracing paper atop a painting before committing.

Techniques for using your blow dryer to dry your painting faster without messing everything up.