Joke Klootwijk Fall 2007-Winter 2008

Joke Klootwijk

"My name is Joke Klootwijk. I have been painting since 1984 in Barendrecht, a village near Rotterdam. After various art studies my preferred medium is watercolour. My time is devoted to full time painting. I studied art classes and workshops for this technique, by artists whom I admire for their painting style. The last several years I painted a lot of watercolour paintings in the so called wet-on-wet technique. A difficult but fascinating technique, where I have to react, observe and paint and all this needs to happen within a very short space of time. In the wet-on-wet technique I attack my work head on, with a few pencil lines on the watercolour paper. This make's it for me a very exciting challenge. An always returning and inspiring theme in my paintings is 'reflection'." Joke is a member of the Kvbkb of Belgium, and a member of the European Institute of Watercolours in Brussels and representative for the Netherlands. Visit for a look into Joke's expansive portfolio. She offers workshops and works with regional arts organizations, as well as accepting a limited amount of commissions.

by Greg Conley

September 10th, 2015