Dhanashri Athavale Spring 2009

Watercolor Ottawa, Canada

Since childhood Dhanashri has always had a keen interest in art. Born and raised in India, she completed her Applied Arts degree at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalay, Pune in 2001 and became a freelance designer. After exploring the beauty of the seasons in England and Scotland, Dhanashri now resides in the beautiful capital city of Canada. Her paintings are exhibited in many art galleries and in private collections. Dhanashri offers watercolour workshops/lessons and works with regional art societies as well. "My paintings are all about nature. As a visual artist, I am constantly inspired by the various forms, shapes, colours, and patterns in my surrounding nature. The fresh and rich watercolours, the combination of positive and negative shapes forming a simple composition define my painting style. I love to focus on the elements which evoke feelings of bliss and energize the environment. My goal is to convey these emotions and have a visual dialogue through my every piece of art." —Dhanashri Athavale To view Dhanashri's full gallery visit her website: www.dhanashri.com
by Greg Conley

September 10th, 2015