Ted Kautzky (1896-1953)


Ted Kautzky began his studies as an architect student at the Royal University of Hungary in his hometown of Budapest. An avid draftsman, he developed a knack for perspective and an understanding of forms in space. He could draw well. At age 27 he moved to the United States and began to work as an architect for the New York City Parks Department. Ted's skill as an artist became known and he began teaching art. He became a much sought after teacher in the Pratt Institute, New York University, University of Toronto, and the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Kautzky spent more than a decade painting on Cape Ann, Massachusetts, where he earned membership in the Rockport Art Association, the North Shore Arts Association, and the American Watercolor Society. A noted art instruction author, his book Ways with Watercolor has fueled the careers of thousands of watercolorists worldwide. — Watercolor Masters: Ted Kautzky © 2010 Greg Conley —

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by Greg Conley

September 8th, 2015