Milind Mulik


Being An Artist

"We all know that to be able to draw, or paint, or even to possess all the necessary technical painting skills, does not make one an artist. Every work of art is initiated with love and passion, and is an expression of the sum total of the artist's personality. Technical skill is definitely required; but it is merely the tool to communicate one's message. The thing that makes one artist different from another is attitude, and what makes an artist different from a non-artist is attitude. By attitude I do not mean growing a beard or acting in a certain way that one might expect of an artist. Rather, it is one's way of looking at things and observing the world in a kind of detached sort of way. While I am sketching or painting outdoors, a sensation arises as if I am watching a movie or dreaming. I am fully involved with the scene, but somewhere inside, I am different. It is like being relaxed in my armchair. The beauty of the world becomes enhanced. This is a very pleasing sensation and, I think it is one of the best gifts of being an artist." Visit The Artist's Website

by Greg Conley

September 6th, 2015