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How Beginners Can Compose & Paint A “Non-Boring” Still-Life

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Step 7: Painting The Glass Stem


For the wine glass, use the same color as used for the cast shadows, but dilute it with clean water so it’s not too dark. With the size 10 brush, paint in the shapes in the top part of the glass, leaving highlighted areas and the rim a crisp white. Add a little Quinacridone Magenta where the wine color is reflected in the glass, then mix in more blues and Mineral Violet before painting the left side of the glass’ stem. Where the stem overlaps with the lemon, add in Cadmium Red Deep, Yellow Orange, and Yellow Ochre. Make sure to keep looking to and studying your still-life set to keep your shapes accurate, and leave the middle part where the wine is in the glass as you’ll be painting it later.