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How Beginners Can Compose & Paint A “Non-Boring” Still-Life

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Step 2: Transferring The Basic Outline


On the Arches watercolor paper, draw in a border around the edge to frame your painting, then lightly draw in the outlines of your composition by following your value sketch. Try not to place your objects right in the middle of the paper; it’s better to break up the rectangular paper in an asymmetrical way. To check the symmetry of the glass, you can turn your paper upside-down, or draw a faint line down the middle of the glass and use it as a guide. Note that due to the perspective, the glass’ rim, base, and the wine’s surface will all form the shape of an ellipse. Erase any unwanted pencil lines with the kneaded eraser when you’re ready to paint.

Below is a closeup of Steve’s sketch: