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A Feathery Focus: Painting A Bald Eagle Portrait

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Step 8: Painting A “Fowl” Expression


Switch back to the no. 8 round brush, and use pure Gamboge Nova to darken the iris. Go back to the blue/brown mixture, and exaggerate the area next to the beak and beak tip. With this dark color, dot in the nostril as well.

Since the head area is a more prominent part of this painting, use Ivory Black for some of the details here. This includes the edge of the beak and its underside. Mix in Burnt Sienna, and paint in the spot under the beak’s tip. Add more details in and around the head too, and outline the eye area using the dark blue mix.

Once the iris is dry, you can dot the pupil with pure Ivory Black, before going around the area again with this powerful color. The eye is the pinpoint focus of the entire composition, so make sure you get it right!