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A Feathery Focus: Painting A Bald Eagle Portrait

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Step 6: Wings And Contrast


With Burnt Sienna, add more feathers in the left wing, then switch to Indigo to paint the long tip feather. Paint the beak’s tip and edges too, and lift out any puddles of paint with a dry, “thirsty brush“.

Work on the right wing next by diluting the dark brown mix and adding feathers in the top area. Then, touch in some of the yellow mixture into the lighter areas. Go back to the Burnt Sienna, and keep layering along this wing, switching to Neutral Tint for the darkest feathers. Put the same color under the tip of the beak as well to bring the beak to the foreground via contrast.

TIP: While you paint, move from the wet to the dry areas so no area becomes too saturated with liquid, as this may damage your paper.