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A Feathery Focus: Painting A Bald Eagle Portrait

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Step 5: Layering More Feathers For A Bald Eagle Portrait


With the Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Mixture, paint around the eye, forehead, and the curve of the neck. Layer with more Burnt Sienna, and think of each brushstroke as another feather on the bird’s body. Next, mix in Brilliant Orange with the Sienna for more color in the corner of the mouth and in the chest.

To prevent the feathers from looking too similar in size, change to a large no. 20 round mop brush. Mix Burnt Umber with a touch of Indigo and the darker brown mixture, and paint larger feathers in the darker areas, such as under the wings, and the tip of the left wing. Watch your values! Lastly, darken the area above the beak even more to create more contrast in your bald eagle portrait.