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A Feathery Focus: Painting A Bald Eagle Portrait

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Step 10: Finishing Touches And A Finishing Flourish


With a no. 1 rigger brush, darken the pupil again using Ivory Black. Then, squeeze some Permanent White gouache paint onto an auxiliary palette, and with the Cotman no. 2 round brush, use a very saturated white to paint a smaller dot just off-center to the pupil.

As you near the end, step back to look at the overall painting, and add any finishing touches you feel your painting needs. For example, Bill uses a no. 6 rigger brush to add some lighter feathers, then switches to Ivory Black for some small dark feathers along the wings and in the chest. When you don’t know what else to add, gently peel off the tape, and complete this bald eagle portrait with your signature in white.