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Tower St. Martin, Soreze

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Step Four – Shadows

Deep shadows and shutters

Wait until the work from step three has dried completely before beginning this step.

In this step you will use the Pro Arte sword liners and develop the intricate dark tones in the street, on the tower and round the front building. Use the existing colour mixes in your palette.

You will also deepen the buildings and shadows that exist. (for example there is a little Raw Sienna on the front building. If you look closely you will see that it is wet on dry and has a harder edge that other washes.

The front shutters are a grey colour, and you can add the shutter shadows when it is dry or nearly dry. In this exercise the shutter shadows on the front building were added when the grey shutter colour was quite wet. If this happens you will get bleeding, but this in itself can add interest to the whole picture.

The Process

1. Apply pigment and water to your palette regularly as you work. Mix a dark tone of Cobalt Blue and Burnt Umber for the darkest sections.

2. Work carefully on the dark tones down the street, using your darkest mix.

3. Add Raw Sienna to the front building in a haphazard way that indicates the crumbling render.

4. Apply another wash to the building shadows on the left. Keep the shadows varied and interesting.

5. Add the dark tones to the roof and chimneys.

6. Work quickly and freely, do not get bogged down in details.