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Tower St. Martin, Soreze

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Step Three – Second Wash

Second Wash

In this step you will apply a second wash to the buildings and street.

Use your existing colour mixes in your palette. In addition add a mix of Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Violet and Burnt Sienna. This will be used to create the shadows under the tower roof and the chimney top.

Use a Pro Arte Series 007 size 12 and Pro Arte sword liner brushes.

Do not worry if your palette mixes are contaminated, and do not worry about mixes running together on the paper. Letting the colours mix on the paper is key to this picture. Arches paper is very good at mixing colours well, some other papers may not achieve this to the same extent. For this painting the qualities of Arches paper is ideal.

The Process

1. Do add water and pigment to the original mixes as you work.

2. Do not worry if your palette becomes messy.

3. Let the mixes run together on the paper, as you apply colour sure it touches existing colour applications so that they will mix together.

4. Do be careful to leave highlights where you had placed masking fluid.

5. Use mainly Cobalt Violet, Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna on the lighter parts of the building.

6. On the shadows use Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Violet and Burnt Sienna. Keep your shadows warm by using more Burnt Sienna than Cobalt Blue.

7. Mix your shadows on the paper, it provides the deep contrasts and variations within the shadow (you do not want one boring tone across all the shadow).