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Tower St. Martin, Soreze

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Step One – Drawing and Masking Fluid

Initial Drawing

To begin with cut the Arches rough 300gsm watercolour paper to size (22 x 28 cm) and using masking tape attach it to a board. You can just use an old piece of hardboard as your painting board.

Now complete a simple line drawing using a 4B pencil. Use a soft pencil to draw with, and don’t mind if the pencil is visible on the finished picture. It can be erased, but you don’t need to bother.

Concentrate upon your drawing and try to get it to be accurate. You don’t want detail, but you do want accuracy at this stage (that is you want the drawing to look like what you can see).

Remember to compose and balance your picture and rearrange the composition to increase the size of the tower, add the foreground shadow and don’t include the ‘No Entry’ road sign.

After drawing apply the masking fluid with an old brush; never use a good painting brush. Apply it sparingly, it can be seen on the drawing as the dark grey marks.

Masking fluid is useful in this exercise as it enables you to produce real highlights in a painting of great contrasts, especially looking down the medieval street.