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Mediterranean Beach Scene

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Painting details

Step 5 – Details

Do not begin this step until the previous wash is completely dry. Here you will apply some of the darker shadows to help define the structure of the composition.

In this step we will add the details of the people, boats, umbrellas and even the house roof on the distant hills. Do not think you have to work on one part of the painting and, for example, complete one person or umbrella. This is a mistake. Work all over the painting adding colour in bits to umbrellas, boat sails, people’s clothing and even additional shadows.

Approaching the work in this way keeps the painting loose and ensures that your colours are spread throughout the work.

1. Do not pre-wet the paper. In this work you will start on dry paper.

2. Use primary colours; Cobalt Blue, Permanent Rose and Winsor Yellow, and in addition add other colours; Cadmium Orange and Cobalt Violet. This application of bright colours across the painting defines the hustle and bustle on a sunny beach. Have fun creating umbrellas and boat sails.

3. When your primary colours have dried, create a Permanent Rose and Cadmium Orange mix to indicate the people’s skin tone.

4. When the people have dried, use a dark mix (French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna) to suggest people’s heads.