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Mediterranean Beach Scene

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Adding shadows

Step 4 – The shadows

Do not begin this step until the previous wash is completely dry. In this step you will add the darker shades in the painting to help define the structure of the composition. This step will define the people and umbrellas in a “negative” way.

1. Do not pre-wet the paper. For this work you will start on dry paper.

2. Use your existing mixes, and in addition create a dark mix of French Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna and Winsor Violet.

3. The distant hills are in silhouette, and we need to darken them. Use your dark mix and other colours from your palette to darken the hills. Apply the mixes loosely and let them run together. In parts add pure burnt Sienna or French Ultramarine Blue and let the colours mix together. Keep this process wet and avoid hard edges inside the hills.

4. Add Burnt Sienna to your dark mix so that it is predominantly brown. Use this colour to paint the shadows around the people and umbrellas and on the beach. This way of painting is called ‘negative painting’. By painting around an object, the form of the object appears.