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7 Must-Know, Widely Used Watercolor Techniques For Beginners

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Step 7: Variegated Wash Watercolor Technique


Change your paper for the last technique. The variegated wash technique is good for underpainting layers and painting skies or watery surfaces. Like the wet-on-wet application technique, you wet the surface with a layer of clean water, then start stopping paint in.

Kelly uses Cadmium Yellow Medium, Ultramarine Blue, and Sepia paints separately, and swirls them into the wet surface. The paint can be a little more saturated as the colors tend to fade more with wet-on-wet techniques. Again, you can tilt the board around, but try not to blend the paints too much or you’ll end up with a muddy puddle. You can experiment with different colors and find your favorite combinations.

And finally, keep practicing and allow accidents to happen, as some of the best results are achieved through the random movement of water and paint. Here’s Kelly’s video if you also want to watch this watercolor tutorial…