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13 Easy Watercolor Techniques, Tips, & Tricks

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Step 2: The Intuitive Wet-On-Dry Technique


Next on the list is painting a gradient bar using 2 different methods. While you can choose any color you want, Isabella uses Winsor Red Deep and Winsor Violet to demonstrate. 

With the Raphaël size 12 round brush, prep your 2 colors separately on the palette. Starting with the Winsor Red Deep, paint vertical brushstrokes to make a rectangle on the left side of the paper. Wash your brush before switching to the Winsor Violet, then add it below the red. When you reach the midpoint, combine the two while leaving each end of the rectangle at its original color. Also, try to paint it so the red gradually transitions into the purple.

This is called the “wet-on-dry” technique, where you put wet paint on dry paper. Paint dries quite quickly with this easy watercolor method, and hard edges are created because of this. The colors are also more saturated as there’s less water to dilute the paint.