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13 Easy Watercolor Techniques, Tips, & Tricks

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Step 10: Water Control And Paper Saturation


Now, let’s practice on water control and paper saturation. When applying water to your paper, keep in mind how wet you want it to be, as this will affect how much the paint spreads. To test, use the spray bottle to spray a large area with water, being careful not to overdo it. Then, use the cat’s tongue brush to spread the water evenly over the top half of the right side of your paper. You’ll have to wait for it to dry a bit before continuing, as you want half of the wet area to be completely wet, and the other half damp.

Again, you can tell how wet paper is by its sheen and touch. Just be careful when touching the paper by using the back of your fingers so you don’t leave fingerprints. Damp paper will still feel slightly moist and cool, while dry paper will be at room temperature. The more you paint, the easier it will be to control the wetness of your paper, so keep practicing these basics! In the meantime, you can move to the next step before coming back to see how water saturation affects paint spread.