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Online Watercolor Lessons

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Watercolor University
We launched our own series of online watercolor classes in 2015 after not being very satisfied with all the other so-called “classes” out there. Check out Watercolor University and view the free classes on the homepage.

Watercolor University (Dozens Of Online Video Classes On Nearly Every Topic – Worldwide)
Painting with Watercolors (Watercolor Resource – Australia)
Watercolorpainting lessons online (Online Lessons)
Captain Watercolor (Watercolor Instruction – NY,USA)
Doris Joa: How to Paint a Rose (Demo)
Birgit O’Connor: Pansy Power (Demo)
Bob Davies: Distant Watercolour Trees (Demo)
Artgraphica – Free and commercial art lessons
Artists in schools (Watercolor lesson plans)
California Watercolor (Vintage Paintings)
Charlesart.co.uk (Print & Paint $ – UK)
Creative Catalyst Productions (Instructional DVDs)
William Powell (Watercolor Exercise 1: “Homestead”)
Ellen Fountain, NWS (Watercolor Tips and Demos)
Margaret Crowley Kiggens (Watercolor Tips and Demos)
Larry Weiss (Watercolor & Art Lessons, NY-USA)
LearntoDo.com.uk $ (Watercolour lessons, UK)
Lets Paint Nature (Online Lessons – IL,USA)
Livingwatercolor.com (online watercolor lessons)
Susie Short (Watercolors-Lessons, USA)
Rod Webb (Watercolors-Lessons, USA)
George Simmons (Watercolors-Lessons, USA)
Creative Spotlite (Watercolors-Lessons, USA)
Watercolor Ways (Watercolor Instruction)
Pen Ink Watercolor Sketching (Online Art Lessons – WA,USA)
Watercolor-Painting-Tips (Online Watercolor Lessons)
Mary Ann Boysen (Watercolor Lessons)
Peter Saw (Watercolors-Lessons, UK)
John Lovett (Watercolor Tips and Demos)
Home School Arts (Online Art Lessons)
Niloufer.com (Art Tutorials)
Peter Humeniuk (Watercolor Lessons ($)
Ramapo Riverview Gallery (Assorted Art Lessons)
Virtual Art Academy Painting Courses ($)
Aquanet Art
Ink Watercolor
Terry Madden’s Watercolor Workshop
Watercolorpainting Lessons Online (Australia)
Watercolor Online
WatercolorPlainting.com (Free online Lessons)
World of Watercolor
F.A.R.P. – watercolor techniue
Daniel Smith Tutorials (Watercolor)